Tuesday 22nd Jan, 2019

Fixed Price Fix TPLO - A Scottish First from Roundhouse Referrals

The addition of TPLO surgery to the already comprehensive range of orthopaedic, soft tissue and advanced imaging services available at Roundhouse Referrals, backed by its Fixed Price Fix pledge, is a step-change in improving access to TPLO surgery for pets across Scotland.

Roundhouse Referrals’ surgeon, Ross Allan said: “As with our other Roundhouse Referral offerings, we have done away with long waiting lists, unpredictable pricing, and challenges in clinical continuity. We know that in doing so we will revolutionise access to this service and the experience of its users.

“Our TPLO service offers excellent value and quality - we have invested heavily in the very best DePuy Synthes TPLO plates and implants and together with our Hospital status, standards and track record we are offering a premier TPLO service in Scotland. A TPLO with a recovery that is as reliable and predictable as our Fixed Price!”

Fixed Price Fix TPLO prices are: Dogs < 40kgs: £3000; Dogs >40kgs: £3100. The Fixed Price Fix price includes consultation, diagnostic X-rays/assessment, pre-surgical blood samples, hospitalisation, anaesthesia, surgery (including implants), follow up consultation and follow up X-rays. We don’t expect anything to go wrong, but should we need to revise our surgery – we would do so at no additional cost to the client – that’s our Fixed Price Fix!

Roundhouse Referrals promises to work in partnership with referring veterinary practices to provide an easier referral system that will always return satisfied clients to the referring practice.

To make an enquiry, or refer a patient for Fixed Price Fix TPLO please contact by email on info@rhr.vet or by phone on 0141 649 1316

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