Tuesday 22nd Jan, 2019

Tricky Italian Greyhound Fracture:

For Biscuit we repaired her fracture using a small 7-hole 2.0mm T-shaped plate, placed onto the radius via a craniolateral approach.

We were extremely cautious to limit damage to the soft tissue when placing the plate and managed to reduce the fracture well and achieve some compression on the fracture using this plate.

The post-op X-rays looked good and Biscuit made a good recovery, with 6-week post-op X-rays showing the fracture had healed well.

Now, that could be the end of Biscuit’s story, but tragically Biscuit jumped down 3-months later… and fractured her other front leg in exactly the same place…. Aargh!

We repaired this second fracture in the exact same way, with the screws almost seeming to be at the exact same angle in each fracture.

Biscuit has made a great recovery, with her two repaired legs serving her well, and no obvious lameness or change in her Italian Greyhound ‘prance’, even with matching plates on each front leg.

If you encounter a fracture like Biscuit’s, then we can definitely help you, so please get in touch!



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