Tuesday 22nd Jan, 2019

Outpatient Advanced Imaging – CT and MRI

This 5yr old Westie presented with a mass in the right cervical region which had been enlarging over the previous few weeks. The mass was non-painful, and while fine needle aspirates had been useful, they had not been definitively diagnostic.

We decided to perform a pre and post-contrast CT scan to assess the mass, what tissues it involved and give us an accurate understanding of the scope for surgical excisional biopsy.

CT confirmed our clinical suspicions of the mass likely being a thyroid carcinoma, but unfortunately was also highly suggestive of early metastatic spread to the chest.

Whilst not the scan we had hoped for this, all the CT meant that we proceeded to excisional biopsy knowing the local mass was excisable and being able to accurately inform the owners of the potential progress following surgery.

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