Tuesday 22nd Jan, 2019

Fracture Fix at the home of the ‘Fixed Price Fix’!

Bramble has a closed, comminuted fracture of the radius and ulna. On initial examination it looks as though the radius may be reconstructable, but on careful examination it is clear that the radius is comminuted with a small fragment on the caudal aspect of the radius meaning that full reconstruction of the radius fracture is not possible. The fragment being present on the caudal aspect of the radius means any repair is more at risk of ‘leverage’ across the repair. 

In this situation there are options but surgical repair is definitely required. This is due to the nature of the fracture, as well as Brambles ‘personality’ and most importantly to allow an early return of function.

While an external fixator could be considered, we opted for locking plating of both the radius and ulna. It could be argued that plating the ulna might not have been required, and the radius alone may be adequate, but taking into account the patient’s demeanour, and that the fracture was not reconstructable we felt it wise to plate both the radius and ulna.

The good news was that the repair went well, and the fracture healed without incident.

Fracture sorted, and Bramble bouncing round the park once again!


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