Wednesday 24th Apr, 2019

Forelimb Lameness - Found Not Forgotten

We decided to perform CT scans of both of Titan’s elbows and shoulders to assess for what we suspected may have been elbow dysplasia.

As it transpired, Titan’s elbows were good, but his left shoulder had a large chrondral defect on the caudal aspect of the humeral head which was creating a marked flattening of the articular surface (see blue arrowheads below).

CT Image

 The surrounding subchondral bone was diffusely sclerotic, but there was no evidence of a mineralised fragment within the articular space, or increased joint effusion.

 We removed the flap via a caudal approach to the left shoulder, and as you can see in the video below, this allowed the flap to be removed in one piece.

 Titan made a rapid recovery and his owner was delighted with his recovery and resolution of his lameness.



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