Tuesday 22nd Jan, 2019

7 year old Golden Retriever with chronic sneezing - CT Scan Case Study

This patient had a 4 month history of chronic unilateral nasal discharge and persistent sneezing which had improved, but didn't resolve with symptomatic treatment.

CT was used ased to assess the nasal cavity and the most likely cause for the frustrating symptoms. CT is especially useful for this assessment: it is quick, can be done under sedation, and can give really good guidance on what is the most likely cause of the patient's problems in cases such as this.

The specialist CT report described many of the classic changes associated with nasal Aspergillosis, such as loss of turbinates accumulation of material and soft tissue thickening. While other possible factors such as a tumour, chronic bacterial rhinitis/sinusitis cannot be excluded fully, the symptoms, age, and overall history is typical of nasal Aspergillosis, mean that we are a good way to treating this patient successfully.

This case demonstates how CT can help you to help your patients. If you would wish to access this service please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Further information on Outpatient CT, and MRI is available  - click here!

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