Tuesday 22nd Jan, 2019

CT transforms the diagnosis and management of elbow dysplasia: surgically and non-surgically

A 14-month old Labrador presented with a history of acute onset right forelimb lameness which had improved but not resolved with conservative management. On exam, a bilateral forelimb lameness with mild-moderate discomfort on the medial aspect of both elbows was apparent.

CT confirmed the presence of a faint line within the MCP suggesting a partially separating fragment. No periosteal reaction, or notable distension was apparent.

We could have performed arthroscopy for this dog, but by the time of discussion with the owners the lameness had greatly improved. In light of this we decided to pursue a ‘proactive conservative’ management plan consisting of diet, exercise and analgesia management, which at 6 weeks post-scan has resulted in good limb function, and an absence of any lameness.

With Outpatient CT, we can help you, with cases such as this – and more. If you have a case that you think we could help you with, please get in touch

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